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A unique way to boost your business performance through a scientific approach to organic video content creation.
Get connected to the same methods that have made Yomi Denzel, Anthony Bourbon, Olivier Roland, The Secret Company and many others successful!

They use the Numadeo method


Persona Non Grata

Creation of the vlog series "Persona non grata" for Youtube to promote his new album (several million hits)

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Michou & Inoxtag

Content Creation

During their visit to Dubai, we accompanied Michou & Inoxtag in the filming of the episode Heads or Tails in Dubai as well as in the creation of content for their networks (+ 1mio interactions)

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Alec Henry

We have been supporting the Entrepreneurs. com team for 2 years in the realization of their inbound development strategy with the production of a film, advertising, inbound content...

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Content Creation

For his visit to Dubai, we made a video for his social networks and some photos (+500k interactions).

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Anthony Bourbon

Feed &

We support Anthony and his team in the production of their Inbound videos (+40k subscribers) as well as their advertising.

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Clément Vannier

Orus Agency

We have been creating and producing Clément's video content since the beginning of 2022 (achieving 3 digit growth)

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Yomi Denzel


Yomi Denzel has entrusted us with the creation and production of its content on Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok for the past two years (several tens of millions of people reached)

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Olivier Roland

Blogger Pro

Numadeo has been working with Olivier for several months on the growth of his Youtube channel and the creation of new concepts (several million views)

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Vincent Marchal

Educ Dog

Growth on social networks, production, event coverage... The Educ-Dog team trusts us with the 360° development of their social networks.

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Oussama Ammar

Better Call Ouss

Oussama Ammar works closely with the Numadeo team on the development of his personal branding on video platforms.

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Why work with us ?


Youtube views





Escape the saturated, unpredictable, stressful red ocean of the old ways so you can start tapping into the untapped blue ocean of scalable video ;

An expert approach to all the links in the chain of success of social networks:

- Content writing ;
- Hollywood filming ;
- The world's best video editing ;
- Broadcasts linked to scalpel-like growth hacking.

Avoid putting ALL your eggs in one basket and diversify your business growth with more scalable, more stable and less stressful traffic sources, and above all extremely profitable!

with us


Instagram has become a must for any company that wants to generate growth, but more importantly become an authority figure on their industry.

But the majority of companies use Instagram as a display library for their ads or a showroom for their products.
That's not how it works.

Worse, when they make the effort to use social media codes at all, they do it with the codes of 2010.
Yes... 12 years behind.

And the worst thing is that the line between the so-called funny and the ridiculous is very thin,
As you can see, 90% of businesses fall on the side of the ridiculous rather than in the codes of the networks, which serves your brand and discredits you...

Making Instagram serve your business in its growth is achievable in less than 30 days if you use the right strategies. (even in B2B)

Sometimes we are even asked to slow down the pace, because the sales teams can't keep up...


Achieving hypergrowth with ... YouTube !

It may seem counter-intuitive... Especially since Youtube is a scary platform for start-ups and companies.

No, it's not reserved for an elite group of people who clown around in front of a camera, or pseudo training salesmen.

It's certainly the closest platform to the meritocratic system that entrepreneurs know so well, compared to its counterparts on Instagram, Tiktok or Linkedin.

It's frustrating when the first person to come along gets hundreds of thousands of views without any marketing thought or production effort. It's the hard law of algorithmic dependency.

it's like trying to find a 6-digit code by trying one by one the combinations.
1 chance in 1'000'000.

And above all: anyone can do it!
The good news: this doesn't apply to Youtube.


Wrongly, professionals don't jump on the Tiktok bandwagon with an excuse: my target audience is not on Tiktok.

This is not true.

Tiktok has overtaken Youtube in Q1 2022 in the number of hours spent per month per user. That says a lot.

Tiktok is 1/5 of all internet users (5 billion) (would you let all those prospects go to the competition?)

In addition to propelling your brand image quickly in front of hundreds of thousands of people, Tiktok solidifies your authority symbol by creating a huge audience for you quickly.

With a pessimistic view, that's tens of thousands of $ just waiting to be activated with the right strategy.

No need to do playbacks or ridiculous dances to break through, we find the best Tiktok friendly way to show your expertise.

Why the leaders in their industries trust us

They allow me on Youtube and Instagram to go to the next level with more subscribers, views, likes much more impactful.

Hassan B

Le Pro de l'Immo

I would recommend Alexandre and his team 200%. I've been working with them for over a year, they are the best in the business.

Yomi Denzel


It's really a great experience, we have a lot of fun with the team. But at the same time they are professional, efficient and very fast.

Anthony Bourbon

Feed &

If you really want to use video as part of your marketing to develop your business, it's Numadeo.

Alec Henry

For those who hesitate, for me they are the best in the business. Really all the video & photo aspect, they are force of proposal.

Johnny Galland

Equity Family

We called on you for the Heads or Tails shoot and the photos, you were ultra-efficient. Honestly nothing to say.

Inoxtag & Michou


A perfect mix of the human and the professional. It is both quality partners in the professional field, and friends.

Jody Cavalie


Quality, service and speed. There is really that professional advice, the attention to detail.

Immo Rentier

Real estate investment and training

Ready to grow?

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We help :

✅ Start-ups to define a real growth strategy on the social networks Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, without making a fool of themselves in front of the camera;

✅ SMEs who see an opportunity in digital but don't know how to go about it;

✅ Large groups who are fed up with working with all these pseudo agencies proposing overpriced services without even understanding the codes of today's social marketing;

✅ All CEOs, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs who want to develop their own personal branding and surpass their competition

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We don't help :

⛔ Ecom, or Dropshipping businesses that sell physical products, or need more traffic;

⛔ Influencers who want to break through overnight without effort;

⛔ Business owners and entrepreneurs who micromanage with their providers, are critical, passive aggressive, and don't like their customers & products.

Do you have any doubts?

Let's start by getting to know each other!

Our genius zones

The expertise of more than 10 different profiles at the price of a single salary
Click here to find out more!

Creating your brand image

With more than 2000 videos produced in 2021, a team of editing experts (more than 15 people just for you) has been in place for 2 years and has 100% mastered the codes of social networks. Introduction, outro, text animations, calls to action... The creation of a unique brand image linked to your positioning.

She will work in collaboration with the Art Director and his assistants to produce the branding that suits you.

Then the combination of our marketing team and our veteran editors will create the perfect cocktail for conversion. All with one contact: Numadeo.

Stratégie d'hypercroissance

TrĂšs alerte du marchĂ©, l’équipe marketing l’analyse toutes les semaines pour adapter nos stratĂ©gies de croissance selon les tendances.

De ce fait, avec notre agilitĂ©, nous adaptons rapidement les concepts, idĂ©es de contenu, et la stratĂ©gie d’image de marque globale pour, toujours, hisser nos partenaires n°1 de leurs industries.


Une Ă©quipe de tournage professionnelle pour vous accompagner dans vos vidĂ©os. Plus d’une centaine de tournages rĂ©alisĂ©s en 2021, du contenu Youtube, des publicitĂ©s, en passant par des confĂ©rences ou encore des films.

L'Ɠil expert de la rĂ©alisation et la maĂźtrise complĂšte des outils audiovisuels vous permettent de vous concentrer sur votre valeur ajoutĂ©e : le contenu, avec des conseils en direct sur la posture, le vocabulaire, les CTA etc.

Des caméras, micros, lumiÚres, drones... Du matériel professionnel pour du contenu professionnel (oui, on se croirait à Hollywood).


Avec plus de 2000 vidĂ©os rĂ©alisĂ©es en 2021, une Ă©quipe d'experts du montage (+ de 15 personnes rien que pour vous) en place depuis 2 ans maĂźtrise Ă  100% les codes des rĂ©seaux sociaux. Introduction, outro, animations textes, appels Ă  l'action... La crĂ©ation d’une image de marque unique et liĂ©e Ă  votre positionnement. Elle travaillera en collaboration avec le Directeur artistique et ses assistants pour vous produire le branding qui vous ressemble.

Puis, le fruit de l’association entre nos Ă©quipes marketing et nos monteurs vĂ©tĂ©rans crĂ©eront le cocktail parfait pour la conversion. Le tout avec un seul interlocuteur: Numadeo.

Content Management

Nos community managers, qui ont plusieurs millions d’abonnĂ©s sous gestion, utilisent des mĂ©thodes de publication au scalpel afin de toucher rĂ©ellement vos cibles selon votre positionnement.

Ajouter à cela une pincée SMO / SEO de derniÚre génération, et vous serez certains que vos vidéos se propulseront devant des centaines de milliers de nouvelles personnes chaque semaine (et nous le faisons déjà).


La team copywriter, en lien avec le marketing, rédige des scripts qui convertissent et optimisés pour les réseaux sociaux. Ils enfileront leur costume de Mystique (vous savez dans X-men) pour se mettre dans votre peau et penser comme vous.

Bien sur, il y aura une relecture ensemble afin de finaliser les scripts, qui passeront ensuite dans les mains de l’équipe de tournage (prompteur oblige


Une seule métrique : le taux de clic. Maximiser ce pourcentage est notre unique objectif lors de la réalisation de vos miniatures, contenus socials media.

Bien entendu, en restant dans la dynamique de votre branding tout en poussant le design Ă  un level inĂ©galĂ©. Plus de clics et une image de marque amĂ©liorĂ©e, voici en quelques mots l’expertise de notre pĂŽle graphisme.


Toute personne ayant fait un shooting avec l’équipe Numadeo a notĂ© une hausse des interactions sur ses publications. CoĂŻncidence ? Je ne crois pas.

AprĂšs avoir shootĂ© des artistes et influenceurs de plusieurs millions d’abonnĂ©s, nous en sommes convaincus : l’excellence de la photo est accessible Ă  tous grĂące Ă  Numadeo.

The first steps with us...

Day 01 - 02


Integration at Numadeo

Sending access to the Numadeo platform, communication supports, presentation of the team...

progress bar 20%
Day 02 - 07


Creation of your visual branding

Creation of your graphic image by our art directors: ultra-personalisation to maximise engagement.

progress bar 40%
Day 05 - 08


Preparation of the social media strategy

Our marketing team will carry out a complete benchmark to define a hypergrowth strategy according to the market and your positioning.

progress bar 60%
Day 04 - 11


Creating your branding video

It is the turn of the production team and video art directors to convey your positioning and marketing strategy in image.

progress bar 80%
Day 10 - 12


Launch of the project!

We have all the elements in our possession to activate the hypergrowth of your networks. Launching soon!

progress bar 100%

Les premiers pas avec nous...

Les premiers pas avec nous...

Jour 01 - 02


Intégration chez Numadeo

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progress bar 20%
Jour 02 - 05


Création de votre branding visuel

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc vulputate libero et velit interdum.

progress bar 40%
Jour 05 - 08


Préparation de la stratégie social media

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc vulputate libero et velit interdum.

progress bar 60%
Jour 04 - 11


Création de votre branding video

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc vulputate libero et velit interdum.

progress bar 80%
Jour 10 - 12


du projet !

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progress bar 100%

Cases studies

The secret team behind...

Anthony Bourbon

Feed &

Clément Vannier

Orus Agency

Tib Talks


Max Piccinini

Auteur & Conférencier

Olivier Roland

Investor & Trainer

La Meilleure Formation

Digital school

Oussama Ammar


Yomi Denzel


Conseiller Influent

Real Estate Startup

Robin Janssens

BVTC & Meta-Legends


Real Estate Agency

Le Chef en Box

Startup Food

Quentin MDB


Pierre Eliott Lallemant

PL Marketing

Alec Henry

Albert School


Equity Family

Investment fund

Julien Malengo


Baptiste Joly

Richard Group Investment

Arnaud Duysens

Best Closer

Justine Roy

Digital Freedom

Vincent Marchal

Educ Dog

Les agences de Papa


Max Dorville



Startup Tech

Lucie Rondelet

Formation Rédaction Web

Jeremy Negrier

Go Rentier

Samba Diagne

SD Management

Jerome Breunin

JB Company

Rives d'Arcins




Alexandre Roth

Biz Club

La Foret

Real Estate Agency

Immo Rentier

Investors & Trainers

And many others...

If you don't believe our customers, believe the community!

let's make an appointment !

Our frequently asked questions

Is it just an online training or another coaching program?

Not at all. We offer a done-for-you service that allows us to take all the heavy lifting out of your hands, so you can focus on being the CEO of your business and not the community manager.

Our editorial team writes all the scripts, our production team shoots and edits all the videos, and our marketing team manages the uploading. All you have to do is be there to shoot a few videos for us each month, and be ready for the flood of new leads/customers that come in :)

What if we don't have social networks?

No problem! Most of the clients we've helped to grow had no accounts or dormant accounts before working with us.

But they had an offer and positioning that was favourable to our aggressive network growth system. They were willing to invest in their long-term growth.

How does your pricing work?

Our agency's pricing is tailored to the client's needs and objectives.

The best way for us to help you is to first get to know the context of your business and what you are trying to do, and then, based on that, we can share with you what levers we will pull and for what fee, during our call.